I have always had an appreciation for the aesthetic of allotments, having grown up near one. I felt that it was right for me to delve back into that part of my life and explore the community and lifestyle of allotments. For most, allotment spaces can be a personal Eden, an antidote to the business of modern life. Allotments can mean different things to different people. For some, an allotment can mean self-sustainability. In a time where everything is manufactured and artificial, people are more appreciative of being able to control what they consume. For others, an allotment can mean a form of exercise, a place to work on personal wellbeing, or even just a sense of community and belonging.

The following photographs were documented from the beginning of February to the end of March 2020, just before the world we knew was disrupted by the outbreak of the covid-19 virus. In a way, these photos document a point in time when everything was ‘ normal ’, and now more than ever the sanctity of allotments is vital for some to go back to a sense of normality.

Eleanor Vasey